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b is for babe xxx

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Hey guys, if you havent already noticed, I'm an admin in the server TerrorMC, and I like being on the forums alot, I will be mostly on here checking up on posts and moderating. If you find me in game feel free to come up to me and chat!


6 months ago

Greetings! It's Miss Sandric.

Today, I will be making a guide on how to claim land as many people have asked staff members about this.

It's pretty simple really.

If you do /kit starter, you will get a golden shovel which is used for claiming land. (Will only work with golden shovels.)

Alright, let's get on with it.

First, you will have to take out your golden shovel, and it will tell you how much blocks you have left to claim.


I have more than a million as DinPro gave me them to test this out.

Alright, now you can click on a corner of your house and it will appear as a diamond block.


Make sure to not put your shovel away during this process.

Now, walk over to the other corner of your house and click the opposite corner, this will efficiently create a claimed rectangle.


It will tell you that "Claim has been created."

You probably saw the "/trust" command. You can use this to trust other players and enable them to block/place blocks in your claimed area, open chests and everything else.


After this, you are free to break these blocks that spawn in your claimed area, as they are useless.


You can also remove all your claims if you are moving to another house using "/abandonallclaims"


This is all about claiming land. 

Peace :)

7 months ago

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